Gal kam nors įdomu bus pasidalinti atsiliepimais apie Profoto

Tell others what you think of your Profoto gear
and win a Light Shaping Tool of your choice!
We at Profoto are proud of our products. That much we know. But what do you think? That’s what we’d like to know now!

So, do you own Profoto? Have you written a review? (A short user review at a dealer site or a longer testimonial at a blog or photo site) If so, please click the link below and send us an email with a link to your review. You can also include a screen shot in case you can’t link directly to your review. Also, include your choice of Light Shaping Tool. You may choose between any Hard Reflector, Softbox, Umbrella and Collapsible Reflector from Profoto.

Note that you need to send us your review before March 1 to get a chance to win. We will pick three winners, who will be notified March 1 at the latest and announced in our social media channels.

Also note that we want honest reviews. Winners will not be picked based on how positive the review is, but on its quality.

Send us your review







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